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BBC to Live Stream League of Legends Quarter Final from Wembly

So, this will be the first time the BBC streams an e-sports event, but they will clearly be hoping to bring some of the polish and experience they bring to the regular sporting scene to this. They will be using the platform they have built up with other sporting events, and also other live events with more than one attraction such as Glastonbury festival to make live and prerecorded footage available side by side for the viewer to pick from. 

The decision for the BBC to pick this up at all is surprising but encouraging, they corporation isn't exactly famous for rapidly adapting to new media but when it does it has done it well. I suspect that the only reason this is being broadcast is because the event is being held at Wembly, but if that encourages other e-sports to stage rounds at Wembly this will be good for the UK e-sports and gaming communities and may lead to more events on TV in the future. 

We will have to see what the viewing figures will be like, but the decision to show this live on BBC 3 rather than at 4:00am on a more mainstream channel gives it a chance as more of the target audience will be awake. If the figures are good enough, you may see more of this sort of thing in the future. 

The show will be presented by Radio 1 DJ Dev Griffin. 

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