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Gaming is one of my core interests, and as such gets one of the biggest most regularly updated sections of the site.  I will be covering any gaming types that I am personally involved in, so that includes Computer Games, Table Top Wargames, Board Games, Pen & Paper RPG's and Card Games. As promised with the rest of the site, I will only be posting information based either on first hand experience or reliable sources so you will see more regular information about things I am involved with that everything else.  Where possible though, I will try to dig up good info and the occasional guest writer to cover things I can't give a well informed opinion on. So, without further ado...


Electronic Gaming:

PC Gaming, PS4, X-Box One amd Android Games

Board Games: 

Board Games, both new and classic. This section also includes card games that are not CCG's.

Table Top Wargaming:

Any figure based table top war game. News from manufacturers about new releases, tournaments, everything you would expect. 

Pen and Paper RPG's:

Pen and Paper RPG's, mainly D&D, Shadow Run, Rifts and Warhammer FRP, but other things as they come in. 


Magic The Gathering, and everything else. Going to have to rely pretty much entirely on guest writers for this I am afraid folks. 

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