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Pre-Survey Consultations

What is a Pre-Survey Consultation?

When buying a house it is important to ensure that you have your potential purchase properly surveyed to make sure that you run into as few problems down the line as possible. The major downside to this is these surveys are a significant investment of cash, and there is no guarantee that after the survey the property will be ok, only that you will have as much information as possible before you make up your own mind about whether to go ahead with the purchase or not. 

Why should I bother getting one?

A proper structural survey is a significant investment of cash. In the same way that you get a structural survey done to protect your investment in your new property, a pre-survey consultation can go some way to protecting your investment in the survey. 

It doesn't help you to commission a survey on a building if you can determine that the building will not meet your expectations and standards without investing the money. Our pre-survey consultation service can help make that decision an informed one. For a comparatively low hourly rate we can attend a property viewing or viewings with you, and then tell you if there are any obvious alarm bells that you should be worried about, and highlight any areas you make sure your engineer picks up on for your own piece of mind. 

We can also advise you on the differences between a valuation survey and a structural survey so that you can make up your mind as to which of those will best suit your needs. 

What is Included?

This varies depending on what you require. We are happy to attend single viewings, or a session of viewings. Billing is by the hour*, so you can save time and money by viewing a number of places in one day should you wish.

An initial report will be provided free of charge, to act as a memory aid on what was discussed, and key points relating to each property viewed. Detailed reports can be provided for as many or as few properties as you desire. These are charged per property however there is no requirement to have one if you already know what you want to do following the site visit or the initial consultation. 


  • Initial Consultation: Free, no comittment
  • Time spent on site: Billable at £20/hr or part thereof*
  • Travel to/from/between locations: Billable at £0.45/mile
  • Initial findings reports: Free
  • Detailed reports where requested: Billable at £15/location reported. 

*Part hours are billed at full rate, so a 1.5 hour sessions would be billed at £40, not £30. 

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