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Terms Of Business

How do we operate?

We aim to provide you with a fast professional service, as simply and clearly as possible. Our work procedure is laid out below. 

Step 1:

The first part is easy, contact us by phone or email and book an initial consultation.  

  • If you contact us by phone we will agree the time and date of the consultation with you on the that call
  • If you contact us by email we will provide you with a list of available consultation times. The times will be provided to you as soon as possible, and will cover a 15 day period. 

Step 2:

The initial consultation typically lasts around 15 to 20 minutes, is free, and we discuss what you need with no obligations. 

Step 3:

Should you choose to move forwards with us, we will provide you with a quote setting out exactly what has been agreed and the date of the intended site visit.  Should you require any none standard terms of services, these will be clearly laid out in writing on your quote.

  • 50% of the fee is payable up front as a deposit before your site visit.
  • The remaining 50% is payable after completion but before delivery of your report.

We will invoice you for the deposit straight away, and upon receipt of your paid invoice, your site visit will be confirmed. 

Step 4:

We will attend the visit as agreed in the quote. Your reports will be available for you as laid out in our standard work times.

Step 5:

Your report will be complete within the time frame specified on the quote. Once your reports are ready, we will notify you that the work is complete invoice you for the remainder of the fee. Once the remainder of the fee is paid, your report will be sent out to you.


Terms of Business:

All jobs undertaken are undertaken in accordance with our standard terms and conditions. Please ensure that you have read and are familiar with these before agreeing to any work or paying any money to Elementary Surveying Solutions. 

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