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Dr Who - New Series Launch

Ray Burmiston - BBC America

Well, that was definitely more than I was expecting. I don't plan on covering Doctor Who episode by episode, but I figured the first of a new season deserves a bit said about it. 

For those of you who haven't seen it yet, you may want to come back later. Remember sweetie, spoilers!


For those of you who have seen it, or are at least still here, personally I though Capaldi delivered in spades. Definitely as manic and crazy as previous incarnations of The Doctor, and a touch more wild than most. There is a definite signal of intent here, with a slightly darker feel to the episode and reminding Clara that he is not her boyfriend though softening it slightly by saying that the mistake was not necessarily hers. It was good to see an old enemy come back, and there was a touch of mystery with the crazy woman claiming that The Doctor was in fact her boyfriend who appears to have playing things from behind the scenes for now. 

The hand over cameo from Matt Smith at the end was a nice touch, but that aside the series has been given a solid shake up and there is a definite breath of fresh air brought in. 

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